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Practice some Yoga stretches for adding extra height

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One of the key activities that can help with growing taller is through the art of practising Yoga positions. Yoga is effective in adding height inches as it involves stretching out the spine and gaining more flexibility in all of the body’s joints. Yoga is also a great form of relaxation so it benefits your body in more than one way.

It is known that your body had much greater flexibility and the potential for bones to grow. When growing as a younger person through the stages of puberty is a prime time for spurts of growth in height to occur. Certain foods and exercise can affect the amount of height inches that is achieved during this time. Continue reading

How stretching and exercise can help add inches to your height

Practicing Yoga.
Stretching is a much underrated activity but is effective and simple to do. Extra height inches are possible to add just by practising regular stretching exercises. One of the most important stretches is a back stretch. Having a good back stretch encourages the spine to straighten out and can give an overall relaxing feeling. Sometimes we forget that muscles need regular stretching and exercise for then to be at their best. Walking around with hunched up shoulders and looking downwards also not only lowers your height but will also affect the way that you feel about yourself and can lower your confidence levels.
Here are simple back and leg stretches and exercises that can add extra height inches to make you taller.

Correct your posture

One of the easiest ways to add extra inches is by improving your posture. Poor posture is responsible for muscle pain and fatigue and back problems occurring. A number of posture stretching exercises can be done to counteract slumping and poor posture. Over time posture that is not improved can result in restriction of mobility Compressing the spine is an easy way to shorten your height, this happens as a result of spending a large amount of time in a sitting position at work or at home. Continue reading

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