Practice some Yoga stretches for adding extra height

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One of the key activities that can help with growing taller is through the art of practising Yoga positions. Yoga is effective in adding height inches as it involves stretching out the spine and gaining more flexibility in all of the body’s joints. Yoga is also a great form of relaxation so it benefits your body in more than one way.

It is known that your body had much greater flexibility and the potential for bones to grow. When growing as a younger person through the stages of puberty is a prime time for spurts of growth in height to occur. Certain foods and exercise can affect the amount of height inches that is achieved during this time.

Remember as a child when you were growing how much more movement and flexibility you probably had. Over time and with age this movement is lost particularly if you have lived a sedentary adult lifestyle. However growth can be promoted through exercise and eating foods. It is important that to encourage growth in height that you do not allow your joints and bones to become old almost static and strained through a lack of exercise.

Yoga is able to reverse this lack of movement of the parts of the skeletal system. This article will look at some different yoga exercises that can aid with adding extra inches to your height and improving your muscle strength and add more overall flexibility to your joints.

Yoga is derived from an ancient Indian technique that helps not only to stretch the body but also to calm and center the mind. Whilst in yoga positions your aim is to maintain a stretch for a few seconds. Then you should aim to bring your entire focus to the exact movement that you are performing.

When performing any stretches or yoga positions you should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that you can freely move around in. If you need to, use a soft cushion where support might be needed such as under the head or the back. For comfort and to protect the spine from hard surfaces, all the following exercises should be performed using a soft surface or a Yoga mat.

Roll out the spine

Begin this stretch by sitting on your mat or cushioned surface. The movement is taking hold of your knees pull them towards your chest. Roll backwards and forwards along your spine up towards the neck. This movement should be done slowly massaging the spine as you roll back and forth. During this movement you should be able to feel the different parts of the back being exercised.

The cobra

The classic cobra position is the most well-known and beneficial yoga position to stretch out the spine. This pose will stretch all the muscles and ligaments in the shoulders, back, chest and abdominals. It adds extra height inches by the achievement of a better posture.
During this yoga stretch it as important not to overstretch the back as it is to stretch it. The temptation to overstretch can cause discomfort and possible injury to the back.
Position yourself on your cushioned surface in a lying down position. Then place both hands palms under your shoulders. It is important that your hands are in the right position and do not feel awkward. The movement is to take a breath in and push yourself off the floor arching your back as you do so. Your head should be tilted upwards with your nose and chin pointing towards the ceiling. Here is the full spinal stretch, feel the stretch in the back but do not arch too much at this point. Hold this position for a few seconds then exhale and bring your body back down to its starting position. Repeat the process.

Spinal flex

Sit and cross your legs. If you are able to, hold your calves or shins of your legs as you stretch forward. If you have reduced flexibility in your legs, place your hands as far forward as they will comfortably go without overstretching. . From this seated position inhale and begin to lift your chest upwards. Then breathe in and out as you then round your spine and place your chin to the chest. Continue with the exercise for a few minutes. This exercise will open up the chest gaining more movement in the spine.

In conclusion.
The above exercises will work for correcting your posture which ultimately leads to being taller. You may not have realized this but as human beings we tend to slouch and arch our backs as we walk around. Performing exercises like the ones above will help correct this, which should add another 2-3 inches to how people see you.
Regular practising of the above yoga exercises or other ones that stretch the spine will be effective in a program of increasing height inches. Completing just these three on a daily basis is fine but you can add more, if you have the time. Ideally by performing a few yoga stretches daily this will fit into your lifestyle without it becoming too time consuming.

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