How stretching and exercise can help add inches to your height

Practicing Yoga.
Stretching is a much underrated activity but is effective and simple to do. Extra height inches are possible to add just by practising regular stretching exercises. One of the most important stretches is a back stretch. Having a good back stretch encourages the spine to straighten out and can give an overall relaxing feeling. Sometimes we forget that muscles need regular stretching and exercise for then to be at their best. Walking around with hunched up shoulders and looking downwards also not only lowers your height but will also affect the way that you feel about yourself and can lower your confidence levels.
Here are simple back and leg stretches and exercises that can add extra height inches to make you taller.

Correct your posture

One of the easiest ways to add extra inches is by improving your posture. Poor posture is responsible for muscle pain and fatigue and back problems occurring. A number of posture stretching exercises can be done to counteract slumping and poor posture. Over time posture that is not improved can result in restriction of mobility Compressing the spine is an easy way to shorten your height, this happens as a result of spending a large amount of time in a sitting position at work or at home.

Posture back stretches

Improve your posture by standing in a neutral position. To find this natural way of standing just stand normally remembering to relax the shoulders. Your shoulders should be relaxed and not tensed up as you stand. If you feel tension in your back or shoulders stretch them out until you feel comfortable. A good spine stretch from this position is to reach your hands up to the ceiling and gradually stretch one hand higher than the other. You should feel this lengthening the spine. An everyday back stretch recommended for posture is simply from a standing position to lean forward from the waist as far as feels comfortable and then in the other direction backwards so you are stretching your spine in alternate ways. This allows the spine to be stretched in opposite directions, something it rarely does on its own.
On doing this stretch you will immediately feel the difference in your spinal areas. This back stretch can be done at work by leaving the work area if possible or taking a toilet break. Remind yourself to take a back stretch whenever you come across an opportunity.

Improve your leg muscles

Adding extra inches to your height can be done by stretching out the legs. The flexibility and the strength in the legs are related to the muscles, bones and ligaments and the growth plates that are responsible for growth. Ensuring that your bones are at their optimum involves regular exercise of the leg muscles and flexing of the joints and ligaments.
Good leg exercises are cycling which can be indoors or outdoors. Riding the bike with a slightly raised seat level will mean that your legs can be stretched out as far as possible when riding which also stretches out the calf muscles. Swimming is another great overall exercise for legs and the back as swimming strokes such as the breast stroke or the front crawl use the large leg muscles to propel you along. Regular swimming can elongate the body and strengthen and lengthen the legs.


Simply just incorporating some walking into the day will increase bone mass and fitness levels. You could make walking slightly harder by the use of ankle weights. If it becomes too strenuous you can remove them or you can alternate the use of them in walking. Use of ankle weights will improve strength and muscle tone in legs. Ankle weights can be used for leg exercises indoors as they have adjustable weights that can be altered and adjusted as you progress and build strength. Ankle weights can help in lengthening shin bones.
It is important when using ankle weights that you remove them when not exercising as they can cause numbness in the ankle and feet areas. Encourage good circulation in the feet and ankles by giving your feet a regular rub and massage to improve the blood supply. When using ankle weights for the first time you should choose small weights at first gradually increasing them as your leg muscles become stronger.

Use a jump rope

Using a skipping rope or a jump rope is a fun and effective way of encouraging your leg bones to become stronger. When skipping aim to skip using both legs and landing on both feet at a time. Skipping is an aerobic activity which you may not be able to maintain for long. If you have not skipped for a long time it might feel that you become tired and breathless with aching leg muscles. Over time with practice you will be able to increase the time that you can skip for.

Hang from an inversion table

One of the newest and effective ways of adding extra leg inches is through the use of an inversion table. Inversion tables are often found in gyms and are specifically made for hanging upside down from. Hanging in an upside down position uses gravity to affect a gradual pull on the body and the spine. The inversion table has been shown by tests when used to be capable of adding extra height inches. The height is gained from the stretching out of the lower large thigh bones and the knee caps so that cartilage between them is able to extend.

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